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Susan Korwin Book Cover #2
                  SusanKorwan "Life Coach"
                                                                                                 photo by Diane King
Being in the entertainment business is quite stressful for everyone involved, but Susan Korwin's gentle and professional coaching makes even the most stressed-out artist, musician, actor and manager deal with things in a much calmer and tranquil way! Her words of wisdom are so comforting, yet they make perfect sense! No wonder she is the Life Coach to the Stars! I so look forward to starting my day with her little inspiring quotes and words. She is truly an inspiration to so many people! Susan, you rock!

Diane King CEO
Got Entertainment LLC

It's 11/11/11! A lucky day? We can be lucky every day. Take note: "An optimist feels lucky for spotting a silver lining, however gray the cloud, yet a pessimist will curse their luck even in the face of good fortune because they can’t see past the green grass on the other side of the fence. If you search for good luck, you'll most probably find it. It's out there for all of us....with a little luck! " Susan Korwin
Susan Korwin Red Carpet  on Runway NJ Affair Photo #2
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